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July 09, 2007


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Buck Burnaman

well said, Eric. My personal belief is that we are ina situation similar to thatof the UK as the torch of leadership and growth was passed to the USA in the last century. To whom the torch is being passed and what they willdo with it are difficult to discern at this juncture. But the malaise that led to a stultification of the British economy has many parallels in the Colonies today. And no- I am not prediciting a bigger war. Regards, Buck

Eric Best

Many thanks for that comment, Buck. I believe there is broad agreement (or fear?) that the global role and influence of the US in the next decade will not be what it was in the last, and perhaps this will be seen in the currency as well as in geopolitical dealings. Orderly decline, or disorderly? A 23-low against the Pound I believe was reported today, and it's clear the credit markets are unhappy, with potential knock-on effects. How bad could bad get, and how soon? Maybe the naysayers are making it worse, as current circumstances seem to provide an ample bandwagon for pessimists to climb aboard. A weak dollar is not bad for US multinationals, in one sense. - Eric

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