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November 18, 2008


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Spot on! Eric- why don't you work in the government?!!

Doug Arthur

Good stuff..particularly relevant as I sit on 3 Boards which depend -to some extent- on discretionary spending, endowment income and charitable giving...very pertinent thoughts....


Knowing about this particular initiative, it is indeed bold and inspiring. For the first time ever, it feels like we're actually trying to shape what will be rather than be a victim of what is.

Jeffrey Lemkin

Great concept, Eric – very clarifying and, to my mind, spot on!! “We love this and want to do more, more more, NOW” is typically the rallying call when times are fat, when times are lean, “We hate this and want to fix it now, now, now” rings through the halls. Couldn’t agree more – love how you put it. Do you suppose this type of response could be something we’re hard-wired for as people? From an evolutionary standpoint, when there’s something terrible happening to a killer ape on the African plains, that ape wants to get away from (fix) that problem really fast – or, potentially – die. And, when lounging around in a glade where the pickin’s are easy, the powerful urge would certainly be to just stay there and enjoy the fruits as much as possible.

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