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August 02, 2011


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Don derosby

Yes. But if you think for a minute that the awesome powers of discovery and dissemination that the Internet distributes to the many, are not also being powerfully -- and perhaps disproportionately -- harnessed by the few, you may need to look more closely. New tools magnify power more than they re-aportion it. A shift in power, a real rebalancing, requires a shift in leadership and that requires the emergence of new vision not new tools. Given the relative lack of vision these days, at least in the US, I would expect more stalmate facilitated by devices like the Internet, not more disruption.

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I will say that it was very well constructed, but we needed well constructed and adjustable/comfortable. We accomplished some moderate 5-mile hikes with the old one, but anything more than that was going to be impossible for the little one and us adults. As the painful hikes piled up we made researching and purchasing a new one a top priority. What was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to say? It was when our little Houdini learned how to get out of the straps of our old carrier and stand up in the middle of a rocky ascent. Nea and I said, "we need a new one", at the same time. Fortunately, we had already started our search.

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There is outrage to spare here, but Estabrook, a longtime food writer, is not a scold, and as a reading experience, Tomatoland is surprising fun. This is partly due to Estabrook’s omnivorous appetites as a journalist. He goes everywhere and talks to everyone—and is perfectly delighted, for example, to allow the cartel boss who runs the Florida Tomato Committee—the ultimate enforcer of bad taste and low wages—to hang himself with his own hypocritical self-pity: “Doing good things and being good citizens and business people does not make the papers,” the guy whines.

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"From my purview over the past 30 years, there has been a clear distinction between the CIO and CMO," noted Lisa. "And in many regards it has been an arm wrestle of a relationship. I'm in my fourth gig as a CMO; in the past, the requests and requirements that marketing has for technology have fallen very far down the list from the requests of sales and finance and other functions seen as revenue-critical. At the same time, marketing was very stove-piped, and collaboration with IT was nonexistent."

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So, what is a curious fish observer to do? Take pictures of all the fish you see and hope you'll find time to research them later? Go swimming for shore every time you see something new and try to flip through your books without soaking them? Take your iPhone underwater and hope you can (1) get a signal off the coast and (2) operate the phone through a waterproof case? All those sound like a lot of work... and because those are so difficult, most people wouldn't even try. They'd just accept that they'd probably never know what fish they were seeing.

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